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Photo Lithography One-Day

Photo Lithography One-Day

One-Saturday course

  • Saturday 08 June 2024: 10am-5pm

Lithography comes from the Ancient Greek 'lithos', meaning 'stone', and 'graphein' meaning to write. Originally made using limestones sanded to a smooth, flat surface, artists would draw directly on the stones, which were then chemically processed for printing. What a task!

Modern lithographs are often made using photo litho plates, which are quick, affordable, easy-to-use plates that can hold a wide variety of images.

From photographic images to hand drawn artwork, to text, texture and tone, these plates allow artists to print on different papers, using different presses. In this one day course you will discover:

  • how to prepare your own photographic or hand drawn image for plate making (A5 - 210mm x 148mm)
  • how to prepare a hand drawn image for plate making (demonstration)
  • how to expose, develop and cure photolitho plates
  • how to ink up and print using our Globe Offset Litho Proofing Press
  • how to ink up and print using our Rochat Etching Presses

Each participant will be contacted in advance for an optional 15-min online image consultation. This way, less time is spent on the computer during the course, and more time is spent printing!

Some experience with printmaking processes is recommended, but not essential.

Your consultation will require access to a computer and the internet. No specialist software will be required on your part, as Ling will screen share the process with you.

Single place £120 To book call 07815 090648 OR email [email protected]