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Adam Hogarth curates Transmission, One Paved Court, Richmond

Adam Hogarth (Studio 2-116) has curated Transmission on show at One Paved Court in Richmond from 30th November until 18th December. 

Transmission references the 1979 Joy Division song of the same title which served as a warning to those that obediently follow modernist mainstream media. All artists in the exhibition use traditional forms of commercial print distribution, be it etching or intaglio, screenprint, relief printing, lithography or the humble risograph machine. Like the Joy Division track, these artists celebrate the fragility and self-awareness of their own practice whilst warning of the obedience and subservience that modern mass media and commercial print seem to promote.

Alongside Adam, exhibiting artists are Matthew Bennington, The Cameron Twins, Ellie Hayward (Studio 5-210), Adam Shield (Studio 5-15) and Thomas Whittle, Daisy Jarrett, Jazmyn Maher, Karl Peter-Penke and Lorenzo Davitti.

One Paved Court, Richmond, London TW9 1LZ.