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Adam Hogarth: Spring and Summer at Royal Academy (1-30 May 2019)

Adam Hogarth: Spring and Summer at Royal Academy (1-30 May 2019)

Thames-Side Print Studios' screenprint tutor and studio technician Adam Hogarth has created two new floral sculptures, currently being exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts. The two pieces reference two paintings within the RA collection and celebrate the life of artist, and founding RA member, Mary Moser.

The sculptures are made with real flowers that will wilt, die and rot over the course of the exhibition. The flowers contained are a direct reference to the flowers Moser painted within the collection: Chrysanthemum, tulips and Roses.

Adam wanted to explore the life of Moser within the works to give greater depth to her legacy as simply a flower painter. Through researching within the RA archive Adam sourced text for the works that spoke of Moser's life and commitment to her practice.

Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington House, Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 0BD

More on Mary Moser RA (1744-1819) here:

Images courtesy the artist, 2019.