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Thames-Side Studios Talks: Caroline Hands (7 Mar 2018, 6pm)

Thames-Side Studios Talks: Caroline Hands (7 Mar 2018, 6pm)

Wednesday 7 March 2018, 6pm
Education Space (Unit 2)

Caroline Hands (7-101) shared something of her life-long journey in the arts from The Ark to Pagodas, to North America, Europe and Asia. She has exhibited widely, including intervals spent, over a seven-year period, living and working in China, and selling her scarves across the counter in Liberty and exhibiting in Harrods. Working with dancers has been a feature throughout, endlessly curious, mixing cultures and media, like photography, film, drawing and painting. And a deep-seated commitment to Community Arts since the 1960s has seen her running workshops, festivals, and residencies, with unabated passion, dedication, and hard-work.

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The talk was free but seating is limited. Refreshments provided.
For more information email [email protected]

Portrait: Caroline Hands, Journeying Fabric, photo: Nicholas Minns, image courtesy the artist.