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Charmaine Watkiss, Lumen Residency exhibition at Crypt Gallery (19-21 Jan 2018)

Charmaine Watkiss, Lumen Residency exhibition at Crypt Gallery (19-21 Jan 2018)

Charmaine Watkiss (4-23) is exhibiting in the Lumen Residency exhibition at the Crypt Gallery, London.

Private View: Friday 19 January 2018, 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 January 2018, 12-6pm
Crypt Gallery, Euston Road, Kings Cross, NW1 2BA

Lumen’s Residency in Atina, Italy took place between 3-17 August 2017. The resident artists and exhibition has been selected and curated by Louise Beer, Melanie King, Rebecca Huxley and Natasha Sabatini.

The two-week residency was set up to help like-minded artists from multi-disciplines develop their practice in a relaxed, yet productive environment. The peaceful village of Atina, situated 154km from Rome in the province of Frosinone-Lazio, benefits from natural darkness, natural beauty and is a great spot for viewing the Moon, stars and meteor showers. Staying on site, artists have the opportunity to create works responding to the variety of astronomical sights found there.

Artists benefited from a large studio space, telescope access, a basic darkroom and visits to Campo Cassino Observatory, Montecassino Abbey, Santa Maria Assunta and CAMUSAC Gallery.

Information on the Lumen residency programme for 2018 here

Image: Charmaine Watkiss, 2018, courtesy the artist