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Autumn Print Course Dates Now Up (Sept-Nov 2017)

Autumn Print Course Dates Now Up (Sept-Nov 2017)

Spaces are now available on our Screenprint One-Day Intensive courses at Thames-Side Print Studios, taking place in September and November 2017. Perfect for dedicated tailored tuition in screen-printing and in order to learn a whole lot in one session. Also ideal as a refresher.

Alternatively, sign up for a spot on our Screenprint Evening course.This course offers the same tuition as our one-day intensive but is delivered over five Tuesday evenings. Working in a small group you will learn to print a base colour and add additional layers by direct drawing and transferring digital images using the exposure unit. Get to grips with cleaning, coating screens, mixing colour, registration and printing at speed.

September and October dates for our Etching Evening course are also now up. This course run over five Tuesday evenings is similar to the one-day intensive but you will have more time to develop the different techniques used. You’ll cover etching with hard ground on copper, soft ground on steel, sugarlift aquatint on zinc and etching with aluminium. And of course printing all your results!

Additionally, we have a new date up for our Etching One-Day Intensive course, taking place on Saturday 23 September 2017, 10am-5pm. Perfected by Rembrandt, etching today includes the same techniques as back in his day. This intensive will allow you to work with 4 different metals and 3 different acids. Firstly experiment drawing with stop-out onto aluminium plates and Saline Sulphate. Secondly roll a hard ground onto copper and etch in Ferric Chloride. Next up is rolling a soft ground onto steel then drawing a sugarlift onto zinc and lay an Aquatint before etching in Nitric Acid.

For further details and to book a place, click here