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Participate in Ye Olde Maritime Christmas Market (23 Nov-4 Dec 2017)

'Ye Olde Maritime Christmas Market' is taking place at Cutty Sark Gardens, Greenwich from 25 November-4 December 2017 and they are looking for stallholders.
They are offering discounted rates for Greenwich market traders and retailers (those trading at the markets or located within the borough).
Based on a ten day period prices are: 1.5 x 1.5m (shared stall): £120+ per day and 3 x 3m: £200+ per day. This cost includes electricity (standard 13a/240v) and 24/7 security.
Saturday 25 November, 12-6pm, Monday-Sunday, 11am-8pm
Full information on the website here.

To book your space, simply complete Ye Olde Maritime Christmas Market - Booking form.pdf

To discuss any aspect of the event programme, contact Peter Green at [email protected]

With thanks to Stu MacKay (2-02).