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Clare Dudeney curates In Dreams at Menier Gallery (26-30 Sep 2017)

Clare Dudeney curates In Dreams at Menier Gallery (26 - 30 Sep 2017)

Painter and printmaker Clare Dudeney (TB-265) has curated an exhibition exploring the sensory experience of sleep, dream narratives and internal visual landscapes. Twenty artists share with vividness and wonder the internal world of sleep, treated with the same careful observation and curiosity as the physical world.

Featuring artists: Esra Alhamal, Becky Brewis, Ruth Calland, Regina de Barros Carvalho, Alisia Casper, Sophie Charalambous, Michael Chance, Clare Dudeney, Abigail Edgar, Aisha Farr, Bobbye Fermie, Christabel Forbes (TB-265), Dasha Klyachko, Emily Morey, Oliver Mulvihill, Veronika Peat, Amelia de Rougemont, Lottie Stoddart and Anthony Waters.

Society in Sleep, is a talk with artists, psychologists and leading neuroscientists giving different perspectives on the role of sleep; what dreams say about us as individuals & wider society, is taking place on Thursday 28 September, 6-8.30pm. Free to attend. Sign up for the talk here

Menier Gallery, 51 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RU. Open daily 26-30 September, 11am - 6pm.

Images: Clare Dudeney, The flying man, monotype on paper, 41 x 59cm, 2017
Clare Dudeney, The Unicorn (After William Blake, the Horse), monotype on paper, 41 x 33.7cm, 2017
Clare Dudeney, Box of dreams, onotype on paper, 60 x 76 cm, 2017
Clare Dudeney, Magical creatures, monotype on paper, 33.5 x 41cm, 2017
Clare Dudeney in Thames-Side Print Studio adding the finishing touches to a monotype, September 2017

Images courtesy the artist