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Colin Ford-Divers, Guitar Lessons for All

Organised by Edy Ferguson (Studio TB-107), an open-to-any age and level guitar group lesson (45 minutes) run by Colin Ford-Divers meet on a weekly basis in the Education Space (Unit 2).

Everyone welcome. Sessions take place every Wednesday, from 11am-12noon.

The teacher is Colin Ford-Divers:

"I am a local music teacher from Charlton and I teach guitar, drums and bass to children and adults in Charlton, and surrounding areas including Greenwich and Woolwich. I try to make the lessons fun and focus on the student so they learn music they enjoy rather than set material they have no interest in learning. I aim to get them playing a song in the first lesson.

I distribute chord sheets and song sheets with chords so the student will be able to practice the song with the music playing in the same key. I use capos if necessary, for beginner and younger students, to help them playing barre chords. I’m interested in taking a group of students learning guitar at the Woolwich Workshops and am pretty flexible on weekdays. Mornings would be my preference. The purpose would be to get people to learn to play the guitar in an enjoyable way so that they can perform to their friends and families or an audience.

My longer standing students (ages from 9-15) have formed a band called C7 and they recently played on the main stage of Together 23 festival in Charlton Park to around 3000 people and last week played the iconic Pelton Arms pub in Greenwich, raising £1000 for Charlton Toy Library. They have been invited to Headline the Pelton later this year."

If you're interested in joining email Edy at [email protected] to join the group!