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Will Barras, Long Lost Shadows

Long Lost Shadows

10 Jun till 30 Jun 2024
Viewing Room

Will Barras

Will Barras (Studio TB-132) presents Long Lost Shadows in Thames-Side Studios Viewing Room.

"A set of paintings I’ve made over the last two months, long goodbyes, returning home in the first light of the day. Soul mining, empty roads, bands playing to empty rooms, exploring deserted coastlines….." - Will Barras, 24th May 2024.

View pdf of works here: LongLostShadows_list.pdf

About the artist:
Will Barras is a painter, illustrator and award-winning animation director. Alongside his moving image work, he became widely acclaimed in the early 2000's as one of the artists associated with Bristol's renowned street art scene. Will was a founding member of the famously progressive Scrawl Collective. He continues to paint large scale murals and exhibit his work worldwide.

View Will's work at and follow him on Instagram @will__barras

Thames-Side Studios Viewing Room is located on the ground floor of Unit 8.

Entrance to Unit 8 is via The Atrium. Turn left upon entering the main site, walk through The Atrium turning to the left, to find the exhibition located between studios TB-10 and TB-09.