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Turps Off-Site Programme Show 2023/24

Turps Off-Site Programme Show 2023/24

Preview: Thursday 2nd May, 5-8pm
2 May till 11 May 2024
Main Gallery

Nicky Amin
Sarah Barker Brown
Sara Breinlinger
Laura Bell
Judith Brenner
Stephen Buckeridge
Lucy Cade
Olarn Chiaravanont
Arwen Condry
Liz Crossfield
Emma Davies
Andrew Hinton
Benedict Johnson
Vic Kitchingman
Hattie Landells
Kally Laurence
Jolene Liam
Lucy Lyttelton
Jonny McPhee
Sue McQueen
Jane Merriman
Sarah Neale
Kika Sroka-Miller
Mary Rodriguez
Gill Roth
Yuhong Wang
Rachel Wilson

This show brings together the diverse practices of the current participants on the Turps Off-Site Programme Show 2023/24.

Turps Off-Site Programme Show 2023/24 will be open Tuesday-Sunday, 12-5pm.

To view list of works and floor plan click here:
2023-24 Turps OffSite Leavers Programme Floor Plan.pdf

Thames-Side Studios Gallery
Thames-Side Studios
Harrington Way, Warspite Road
Royal Borough of Greenwich
London SE18 5NR

Thames-Side Studios Gallery open Thursday-Sunday 12-5pm during exhibitions and by appointment. For general Thames-Side Studios Gallery enquiries please email [email protected]