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Savannah du Quercy, SE8 Fieldwork (I)

SE8 Fieldwork (I)

Preview: Friday 3rd May, 6-8pm, all welcome.
3 May till 26 May 2024
Viewing Room

Savannah du Quercy

Savannah du Quercy (Studio TB-126) presents wall based sculptures for SE8 Fieldwork (I).

SE8 Fieldwork (I) is an on-going series of works that explore Savannah's early fieldwork research of Deptford (her current home), which began in February 2024 and remains an on-going project. These artworks are experimental, the evolving outcome of Savannah intertwining the seeds of her research with creative experimentation. Employing only locally sourced materials (both found and bought), her own photographs, interviews and historical documentation, these works explore the elastic territory between the delivery of research and the by-product of creative play and experimentation.

SE8 Fieldwork (I) will be open by appointment until Sunday 26th May.

To book your appointment please email [email protected] or DM via Instagram @savannahduquercy

About the artist
Savannah du Quercy is a multidisciplinary artist combining sculpture, collage, photography and installation to investigate interconnected cultures. Savannah's focus on place and memory exposes her ongoing exploration of her own mixed heritage and her peripatetic upbringing between Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Through her work she delves into the relationship between her past and her present life, having now put down some roots in Deptford. Her process often involves the use of non-hierarchical and accessible materials while constructing, juxtaposing, assembling, and connecting materials and objects through systems of geometry, repetition, and seriality.

Thames-Side Studios Viewing Room is located on the ground floor of Unit 8.

Entrance to Unit 8 is via The Atrium. Turn left upon entering the main site, walk through The Atrium turning to the left, to find the exhibition located between studios TB-10 and TB-09.