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Making It Up

Making It Up

Preview: Saturday 9th March, 4-8pm
9 Mar till 31 Mar 2024

Emmanuelle Camus
Sara Kelly

Making it Up showcases the work of two artists who work in different mediums - scraps and found objects assembled for the lens for one, and malleable clay for the other. Despite the divergence in their chosen materials, the exhibition unveils the common thread of improvisation that underpins their creative process.

About the artists
Emmanuelle Camus (Studio 2-117) was born in the Loire Valley, France, and has lived in London for the past 27 years. She graduated in 2012 with a BA in Ceramics from Camberwell College of Art and Design. Her work originates from her interest in lived experience. Her recent work is an exploration of identity and protection stemming from her personal experience post-Brexit. Camus creates hand-built ceramic sculptures using a variety of techniques. She is presently experimenting with exposed slabs. Follow Emmanuelle on Instagram @emmanuellecam

Sara Kelly (Studio 2-105) lives and works in London. She graduated from Middlesex University with an MA Design for Interactive Media. She also holds a BA in English and Drama and studied with Turps Banana, UK, on their correspondence course. She is interested in painting in relation to other genres and translations through the lens. Kelly has participated in various group shows, including Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, London, Tension Fine Art, London, The Feminist Library London, Testbed Gallery, London, and a solo show at Five Years Archway, London. Follow Sara on Instagram @arrnnie

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