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Tim Renshaw, The larger in/and the smaller

The larger in/and the smaller

Preview: Thursday 6th April 2023, 6-9pm.
Closed Good Friday 7th April.
8 Apr till 23 Apr 2023
Main Gallery

Tim Renshaw

The larger in/and the smaller is an exhibition of recent paintings by Tim Renshaw.

The paintings in the exhibition are developed through the layering up of thin planes of paint. The planes have the shape of a page and are loosely organised according to the format of an open notebook, that is, one accumulation of planes/pages symmetrically adjacent to another. Like a notebook each page carries something: flat coloured shapes mostly showing only an occasional glimpse of their form at the edges of the painting.

These shapes are sourced from what may be called spaces, but in the vaguest sense of this word: screen spaces, imaginary spherical spaces, vase spaces, shadow spaces, column and wall spaces, plant spaces and others. Any individual painting contains many planes with the shapes of many different spaces- most in a state of erasure. A preceding page prompts its erasure like a turning away or turning a page. When the shape of the painted space feels satisfying and the ground it rests upon takes on weight and density the pages stop turning. - Tim Renshaw, January 2023

About the artist:
Tim Renshaw lives and works in London. In 2021 -2022 he was the recipient of the Lorne Award. Recent residencies include Mahler Lewitt Studios, Italy, 2022 and Cill Rialaig, Ireland 2022. Recent exhibitions include: Multivision20/20, Museum Wihlem Morgner, Germany, 2021; Art/Architecture Intersections, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, 2020, Le Modular, HLM, Marseille, France, 2019; Drift, Thames-Side Studios Gallery, London; Cosmic Laziness, Coleman Projects, London 2018; Imagining Architecture, isdaT, Toulouse, France, 2018; Fully Awake, Royal College of Art, London, 2018 and John Moores Painting Prize, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 2016.

Renshaw organises exhibitions with the group Outside Architecture

Thames-Side Studios Gallery
Thames-Side Studios
Harrington Way, Warspite Road
Royal Borough of Greenwich
London SE18 5NR.

Thames-Side Studios Gallery open Thursday-Sunday 12-5pm during exhibitions and by appointment. For general Thames-Side Studios Gallery enquiries please email [email protected]