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I Will Show You Fear In A Handful of Dust

I Will Show You Fear In A Handful of Dust

Preview: Friday 6th October, 6-9pm
7 Oct till 29 Oct 2023
Viewing Room

Ewa Boguszewska

I Will Show You Fear In A Handful of Dust is a presentation of paintings by Ewa Boguszewska (Studio 0-132) based on previous research focusing on the material of gold and ash.

Recent works were created mainly with natural ash collected at different times and areas. Its substance has a great potential as a painting medium. It covers the range of greyness from almost whiteness of material consumed by fire to the black shades of unburnt pieces. The dormant energy of these remnants has a chance to be active again. The usage of ashes remaining after the burning process is a gesture of manifestation. Vestigial material is not eradicated but moved and gains a new character. At its end it reaches the turning point: from the place of destruction it turns towards creation. Ashes carrying the particular memory of the past emerge in the new images.

The title of the exhibition comes from T. S. Eliot’s poem titled The Waste Land. It refers to the main voice heard about the destruction of the post-war landscape.To face loss and find respite in spite of what we see.

About the artist
Ewa Boguszewska is a painter born in 1986 in Lublin, Poland. In 2020 she received a doctoral degree in fine arts (Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan). Her series of paintings revolve around subjects of light, material and gesture.

For more of Ewa's work follow on Instagram @ewa_bogu

Thames-Side Studios Viewing Room is located on the ground floor of Unit 8.

Entrance to Unit 8 is via The Atrium. Turn left upon entering the main site, walk through The Atrium turning to the left, to find the exhibition located between studios TB-10 and TB-09.