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The measure of all things

The measure of all things

Preview: Friday 18 March, 6-9pm
19 Mar till 3 Apr 2022
Main Gallery

Radek Husak
Amale Freiha Khlat
Bethany Marett
Margo van Rooyen

Bringing together four locally-based Royal College of Art print alumni, The measure of all things considers the notion of scale, of the figurative – both abstract and overt, and of the layering of meaning.

Radek Husak, Amale Freiha Khlat, Bethany Marett and Margo van Rooyen come together to present a diverse and varied exhibition, showcasing the breadth of what artists working in the realm of contemporary print can be.

About the artists:
Radek Husak is an inherently a process-driven artist. Graduating with a Masters from the Royal College of Art his practice is firmly situated in the expanded field of print. Through intensive research and experimentation, Husak has come to hew out his own process - defining the technique of the pigment transfer twinned with carbon-drawn elements, on sandblasted aluminium, often utilising the alternative photographic technique of the cyanotype.

Amale Freiha Khlat is a Lebanese/British artist based in London whose work encompasses sculpture, painting, video, sound and print. She has translated and communicated her memory of armed conflict through various forms and objects, with a specific focus on the everyday banality of the spectacle of war that surrounds us on our screens. Her art encompasses multiple aspects with the imperative to always use destruction and creation which work from the void. Her installations play with the senses and perceptions of viewers, reminding them that looking is a relational act based on selection and exclusion.

Bethany Marett is an experimental and interdisciplinary artist working primarily in sculpture and print. Coming from a socially-engaged and feminist perspective, her work challenges the representation of the corporeal on a personal level, and all the conflicting and contrasting aspects inherent. Distorting and reconfiguring her own body, she works in the liminal state between abstract and figurative, in a mode that is simultaneously sensual and disturbingly uncanny. It is the visualisation of the transformation of the tactile sense - the sensation of skin.

Margo van Rooyen is a female South African artist born in Durban, currently working as a Letterpress & Print Technician at University for the Creative Arts. Margo works in installation, printmaking, alternative darkroom processes, sculpture, book arts and performance. She enjoys contingency and the unknown aspect of her work, pushing to encourage spontaneous happenings. The materials used are often discarded materials that are repurposed, prolonging their life.

Thames-Side Studios Gallery
Thames-Side Studios
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Royal Borough of Greenwich
London SE18 5NR.

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