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Curated by Marcus Harvey and Helen Hayward.
Preview: Friday 8 April, 5-8pm
8 Apr till 23 Apr 2022
Main Gallery

Crucible exhibiting artists:
Adam Zoltowski
Aileen Kelly
Alexandra Main
Ana Genoves
Carali McCall
Carl Anderson
Carolyn Whittaker
Guy Mayman
Ian Dawson
Kerry Stewart
Lucy Sheridan
Michael Fischer
Nicky Hirst
Sophie Newell
Susan Young
Tim Budden
Tim Ellis

An exhibition of works by mentors and mentees from the first MASS Sculpture Correspondence Course 2020.

On Friday 8th April from 3pm MASS HQ (Studios 7-016/7-017) will be open to visit prior to the gallery opening at 5pm. All welcome. Details as follows:

3pm – MASS HQ open evening and studios

4pm – Q&A at MASS HQ about their 2022/23 programmes

5-8pm – Crucible and Fool’s Gold previews at Thames-Side Studios Gallery and MASS HQ respectively

Turps Banana #25 and the inaugural issue of Turps MASS will be available to purchase at the special price of £10 (RRP £16) each.

2022-04 Crucible MASS - Plan+List Of Works.pdf