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Contemporary British Painting Prize 2022

Contemporary British Painting Prize 2022

Preview: Friday 11 November, 6-9pm
Finissage: Sunday 27 November, 3-5pm
12 Nov till 27 Nov 2022
Main Gallery

Daniel H Bell
Sophie Birch
Helen G Blake
Andrew Bryant
Lesley Bunch
Michelle Conway
Seungjo Jeong
Bernadette Kiely
Helen Kincaid
Lindsay Mapes
Sonia Martin
Samuel O’Donnell
Mahali O’Hare
Simon Parish
Jen Roper
Shawn Stipling
Mimei Thompson

Following its opening exhibition launch at Huddersfield Art Gallery, the Contemporary British Painting Prize 2022 tours to Thames-Side Studios Gallery.

The 17 finalists are Daniel H Bell, Sophie Birch, Helen G Blake, Andrew Bryant, Lesley Bunch, Michelle Conway, Seungjo Jeong, Bernadette Kiely, Helen Kincaid, Lindsay Mapes, Sonia Martin, Samuel O’Donnell, Mahali O’Hare, Simon Parish, Jen Roper, Shawn Stipling and Mimei Thompson.

The winner Lesley Bunch and highly commended prize winner Helen G. Blake were selected by judges Hettie Judah (writer and art critic), Geraldine Swayne (artist) and Grant Scanlan (Curator at Huddersfield Art Gallery).

The finalists were selected from over 1000 artists by a panel of four members of Contemporary British Painting, which this year were Susan Absolon (the winner of the 2021 prize), Deb Covell, Paul Newman and Casper White. A catalogue featuring the works of all the shortlisted artists will accompany the exhibition.

Contemporary British Painting thank John Talbot, collector of contemporary painting, for his generous donation that has enabled us to increase the value of the prize, our judges and selectors, Huddersfield Art Gallery and Thames-Side Studios. Follow @paintbritain on Instagram for their latest news.

Thames-Side Studios Gallery
Thames-Side Studios
Harrington Way, Warspite Road
Royal Borough of Greenwich
London SE18 5NR.

Thames-Side Studios Gallery open Thursday-Sunday 12-5pm during exhibitions and by appointment. For general Thames-Side Studios Gallery enquiries please email [email protected]