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Colour / Structure

Colour / Structure

Friday 25 February, 6—9pm
25 Feb till 13 Mar 2022
Main Gallery

Cedric Christie
Christopher Davies
Meg Shirayama
Sharon Hall

Colour / Structure brings together the work of four London based artists - Cedric Christie, Christopher Davies, Meg Shirayam and Sharon Hall.

The elements of colour and structure are interpreted by the artists through painting, sculpture, drawing, prints and wall constructions. Using minimal language, the artists engage with these elements in highly individual ways, resulting in varied, yet complementary, interractions with materials, space, colour.

Cedric Christie takes on minimal sculptural traditions by making floor standing and wall hung objects using industral materials and techniques to creating objects which respond to the unconscious beauty of the familiar, transforming it with intelligence and humour while rigorously examining the boundaries of minimalism and modernism.

Christopher Davies explores the concepts of intentionality and chance, making drawings using systems of colour in geometrical layouts. The predetermined structural patterns found in the drawings are recreated on a larger scale in the more expressive paintings.

Meg Shirayama’s sculptural paintings question the fundamentals of the distinction between art and practical objects. By utilising colour and the economy of shapes often employed by Modernist design, she aims to present work that can be viewed in multiple ways, and to create a shift in perception of the objects by changing viewers’ point of perspective. Shirayama’s constructions occupy an uneasy space between objects that could almost be useful and elegantly realised sculpture.

Sharon Hall’s paintings utilize colour and it’s variations to create taut and intense surfaces with subtle, yet occasionally strident colour confrontations. Her work is generated from the simple armature of a diagonal grid but moves out from this with an improvisational approach, responding to experience, place and painting’s histories

Thames-Side Studios Gallery
Thames-Side Studios
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Royal Borough of Greenwich
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