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Thames-Side Studios Viewing Room: Ema Pina with Annette Fernando (6 Apr-5 May 2019)

Thames-Side Studios Viewing Room

Ema Pina with Annette Fernando, Void Feelers
Exhibition Dates: 6 April-5 May 2019
Preview: Friday 5 April 2019, 6.30-8.30pm

An exhibition of works on paper and writings by Thames-Side Studios-based painter Ema Pina and fellow artist Annette Fernando, who share an interest in the political dimension of personal experience and self-awareness.

Fernando draws from mediated images, sourced primarily from television and film. She selects the part of the story that resonates with her, while bringing to light clichéd depictions of masculinity and femininity embedded within cultures.

Pina attempts to reconcile her analytical observations of the outside world with meandering inner thoughts. Her new works focus on the body at rest, idle states of mind and related surrounding environments.

With support from The Eaton Fund

Images: Ema Pina, 2019. Image courtesy the artist.

Thames-Side Studios Viewing Room is located on the ground floor of Unit 8. Exhibition open to all studio holders and to non-studio holders by appointment.

Entrance to Unit 8 is via The Atrium. Turn left upon entering the main site, walk through The Atrium turning to the left, to find the exhibition located between studios TB-10 and TB-09. For more information email [email protected]

Viewing Room, Unit 8
Thames-Side Studios
Harrington Way, Warspite Road
Royal Borough of Greenwich
London SE18 5NR