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Artist biography

J. Yuen Ling Chiu (Ling) is a London-based printmaker and artist educator, from Toronto, Canada. She specialises in printmaking history and practice, technical teaching in higher education, and has extensive experience delivering curriculum aligned teaching, and short courses in the public, institutional and charitable field.

Ling mastered in lithography but employs a vast range of printmaking techniques in her practice including relief printing, screenprinting, intaglio and digital media.

Her print work explores the architecture and pattern of memory, with especial attention to relationships between urban landscapes, migration, and empire. Drawing on physical sites, decorative motifs and historic narratives, she cuts, copies and edits visual tropes through printed layers. From rose coloured views of Hong Kong, to questioning the ugliness of pigeons, her work asks the viewer to consider what informs our notion, and value, of beauty.