Sarah Simi's new book Going Wild in Woolly Bush

Sarah Simi's (Unit 7, Studio 7-132) new book Going Wild in Woolly Bush is out now. Published by Portico and available in hardback for £7.99 (ISBN 9781911622598), follow Bernard and Barbara, from the eccentric village of Woolly Bush, as they open up their countryside in 40 funny pictures accompanied by comedy taglines. Woolly Bush has all the standard features of a typical village – the local pub, the vegetable show, the vicar - so nothing unusual. Oh, except they’re all in the nudie.

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Sarah Simi is a knitter extraordinaire and the creator, director and producer of Nudinits: Tickled Pink, the world’s first all-knitted animation, made by Woollyvision. She is the author of the Nudinits: Bare-bottomed Fun from the Village of Woolly Bush and Nudinits: A Naughty Knitted Noel.

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Images: Going Wild in Woolly Bush, courtesy Sara Simi, Woolly Vision, 2021