Radical Residency VI at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop (15-31 July 2021)

Matthew Dowell (Unit 4, Studio 4-127), Laura Hudson (Unit 8, Studio TB-267), Diana Savostaite (Unit 5, Studio 5-318) and Alexandra Searle (Trinity Wharf, TW-134) are all exhibiting in Radical Residency VI at Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop.

Other participating artists are Stefano Giordano, Noel Hensey, Sam Hodge, Noa Ironic, Liam Mertens and Ally Rosenberg. The ten artists worked in the large gallery space prior to the exhibition.

Unit 1 Gallery Workshop, Unit 1, 1 Bard Road, London W10 6TP. 

Open Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-5pm
Exhibition open until 31 July 2021
To book your visit go to: https://unit1gallery-workshop.com/radical-residency-vi/

Images: Radical Residency VI, installation views, Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, 2021, photos courtesy Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop and Paul Tucker