Milda Lembertaite and Amelia Prazak Performance as part of RA Lates (30 March 2019)

On Saturday 30 March 2019 as part of RA Lates: Transcendance Milda Lembertaite and Amelia Prazak (0-27) perform a reiteration of the party My Night of Unlimited Favour at the Royal Academy, curated by Gaia Fugazza.

They present You Pay, I Pay, We Pay, This Is Payment, a new work with a sound intervention by Choc Ly Tan. This performance sketches out the entwinements between our bodies and the shifting nature of the natural and urban landscapes beneath our feet: the ever-undulating body of gentrification into which we find ourselves at sea; or dropping, like a stone pulled via gravity to the earth. However unlike the stone, if we fall, we get a bruise.

Other performances include:
Gaia Fugazza, Mirage, Déjà Vue, then a parallel life, a new performance exploring hallucinations that occur during ultramarathons, with music especially composed by Nik Void and a dance element choreographed and performed by Julie Cunningham and Hannah Burfield; Haroon Mirza, Brainwaves, an experiment in light and audio frequencies producing Theta and Alpha brain waves with drumming by David Bebber, and a dance-floor focused DJ set by Chooc Ly Tan.

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Image: Amelia Prazak and Milda Lembertaitė, I Pay, You Pay, This is Payment, 2018.