MASS OPEN DAY with TURPS (24 Jul 2021)

You are all invited to MASS OPEN DAY at Thame-Side Studios Gallery on Saturday 24 July, 11am-12.30pm.

Learn about Turps new MASS Sculpture magazine and Turps new mentoring programmes, both launching in Autumn 2021 in a new studio programme run by Turps and based here at Thames-Side Studios.

"Following on from the successes and contributions of Turps Painting Magazine and mentoring programmes we are delighted to launch MASS Sculpture Magazine and MASS Art School.

Responding in part from requests from artists for a publication that reflects and investigates sculpture in a similar way to the discipline-specific nature of Turps Painting Magazine, and in part following on from the exploration of sculpture within my own practice, this is an inevitable development for both our publishing ambitions and mentoring led programmes. We continue to challenge the one size fits all, inch deep, mile-wide approach to art education that has developed over recent years largely for the benefit of the institution and has blunted the art school experience for both mentors and participants alike.

I look forward to peer-to-peer critically supportive mentoring and engagement and a return to thinking with our thumbs."
- Marcus Harvey, Director and Founder of Turps, July 2021⠀

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Image: courtesy TURPS, 2021