Grant Taylor presents a new comedy drama Flatshare

Director and writer Grant Taylor (4-120) presents a brand new series called Flatshare. A LGBTQ+ comedy drama that follows the trials and tribulations of four housemates living in Peckham. The series takes us on a journey through South East London with stories about renting from dodgy landlords, gentrification, being a gay person of colour and the ongoing chem sex crisis.

"Midway through yet another threesome, Omar has a revelation and escapes his hedonistic lifestyle by starting up a flatshare with his best pal Kemi. This idyllic new beginning is ruined when he’s forced to illegally sublet the damp living room to his ex Tom, against Kemi’s wishes. But this is the least of their worries as the shady landlord has converted the loft into an extra room for anti gentrification activist Seb. Is it doomed to fail or can Omar create the utopia he wants in his new flatshare?"

All the episodes are available to watch now on YouTube:

Flatshare Ep 1 - Moving in -
Flatshare Ep 2 - Sensual Touch -
Flatshare Ep 3 - The Chem Sex Party -
Flatshare Ep 4 - The Protest -

Grant and his team have been making the show for the last 2 years and would love to hear your comments about the show.

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