Francesca Mollett in Diaries of a Climate at Baert Gallery, LA (until 1 May 2021)

Francesca Mollett (Unit 8, Studio TB-122) is currently exhibiting in Diaries of a Climate from 9 March-1 May at Baert Gallery, Los Angeles, alongside London-based artists Sarah Cunningham and Pam Evelyn.

"The current pandemic has caused major disruptions to our daily lives in terms of human interactions and working conditions. In an attempt to safeguard public health, successive lockdowns and travel-bans have created a general sense of isolation for individuals living through these times. It is in this particular climate that Cunningham, Evelyn and Mollett created the large- scale abstract paintings included in the exhibition.

Curated by Louis Blanc-Francard, Diaries of a Climate also refers to the painters’ common interest in the visual qualities of light, times of day, seasons and weather conditions." - text courtesy Baert Gallery

Baert Gallery
1923 S Santa Fe Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90021, USA

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Image: Francesca Mollett, Diaries of a Climate, installation view, courtesy Baert Gallery, Los Angeles, 2021