Felix Robbins in Unstable Foundations at Stephen Lawrence Gallery (3 May-1 June 2018)

Architect Felix Robbins (4-11) is exhibiting in Unstable Foundations with visual artist Suzanne Mooney at Stephen Lawrence Gallery, part of the University of Greenwich Galleries ongoing Artist/Architect series.

"The approach taken by both exhibitors has an archaeological aspect, factoring shifting historical positions into an investigation of the material remnants of their individual disciplines. Felix Robbins’ drawings propose projects that recognise slippage in approaches to architectural languages, and acknowledge architecture as an 'unstable and contingent field of possibilities'."

An exhibitors’ talk will be held on Wednesday 2 May 2018, 6-7pm, followed by a private viewing of the exhibition. Admission free.

Images: Felix Robbins, Satirical Villa Study 02, Surface Panel 03, Situated Projection Chiswick House Bagnio Scene 01; Suzanne Mooney, On Glass 1, On Glass 2, courtesy the artists, 2018.

Stephen Lawrence Gallery, 10 Stockwell Street, London SE10 9BD www.greenwichunigalleries.co.uk