Adelaide Damoah in The Guardian (30 April 2019)

Adelaide Damoah (7-204) featured in The Guardian on Tuesday 30 April 2019.

"Adelaide Damoah, describes herself as a living paintbrush. In a recent piece, Damoah subverted Yves Klein’s 1960 Anthropometries performance, in which the Frenchman selected young white women to cover their torsos and thighs with his patented blue paint and directed them to press and roll their bodies on to paper-covered canvas. 'Klein’s models were stripped of agency,' said the British performance artist. 'I directed myself, applying the paint to my whole body in private, removing the potential for eroticisation and objectification.' " - The Guardian, Tuesday 30 April 2019.

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Image: Adelaide Damoah, 2019. Photograph courtesy MTArt Agency