Thames-Side Studios Gallery

SOMETHING AND NOTHING, curated by Nicky Hirst
Matt Calderwood, Simon Callery, Angela de la Cruz, Vincent Hawkins, Nicky Hirst, Sara Mackillop

Preview: Friday 6 October 2017 6.30 - 8.30pm
Exhibition Dates: 7 October - 5 November 2017

'I think all six artists in the exhibition are very practical dreamers. They are attracted to materials, processes, possibility and serendipity, and less concerned about outcomes. However - the outcomes are usually beautifully poised, humorous and strangely satisfying works of art.' - Nicky Hirst

‘I don't do fantasy,’ says Matt Calderwood, ‘I like to keep it real.’

‘You are lying in bed at night working on an idea, it is exciting and it keeps you awake. Next day, within 45 minutes, the reality of working with that idea in the studio has failed, and so it should.’
Simon Callery

‘I like the idea of it being a bit broken and that something was kind of missing, but still hanging on the wall by mere chance. It’s a sculpture using the language of painting and vice-versa. It’s a painting and a sculpture, that’s it.’
Angela de la Cruz

‘I work in an improvisational way, never knowing from the outset how anything will turn out . . . I enjoy the weights and measures of forms, colours and the different kinds of energies in painting, its state of flux, where they haven't committed themselves to description yet.’
Vincent Hawkins

'I like everything to have a reason, but I don’t want it to make sense. Art doesn’t make sense without the bits you can’t explain.'
Nicky Hirst

‘I suppose on the whole what I’m interested in is purposeless activity,’ says Sara Mackillop. ‘Mine is a really distracted practice. There’s not a lot of pre-determination in what I do. I just become interested in things in daily life, and tend to notice things while I’m doing something else.’

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Images: SOMETHING AND NOTHING installation views by Peter Abrahams, Thames-Side Studios Gallery, 2017; Nicky Hirst, Elemental 40 , paired magazine pages 25 x 36cm, 2013, courtesy the artist

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