Thames-Side Studios Gallery

Thames-Side Studios Gallery (Unit 4) is one of South London’s largest single exhibition spaces with a 2,600 square-foot gallery space split into a front and rear gallery. We run a programme of exhibitions featuring artists based on site and elsewhere.

Images:New Relics curated by Tim Ellis and Kate Terry, preview evening and installation view detail, June 2018; SOMETHING AND NOTHING, curated by Nicky Hirst, 2017, photo: Peter Abrahams; GARDENING, An exhibition of paintings by Rebecca Guez, 2017, image courtesy the artist; Casper Sawyer, GAMUT, 2016, image courtesy the artist; Distilled: Will Barras, sheOne, Phil Ashcroft, O.Two, 2017, courtesy the artists, photography Horak Studio. Exterior and interior Thames-Side Studios Gallery views, photography Felipe Tozzato.